Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Whores, a Man and a Frigid Bitch

This weeks posts are a collaboration of sex. Some things are funny, some are disturbing. Chances are you may be left feeling slightly ashamed after you've read them all.
Part of me woud like to reassure you, wonderful reader that this will be the last of the horrific details you'll be subjected to...But then I'd be a liar.
In case you missed the previous mind scarring posts from Lily and I, take a trip back a day or two and read, or even re-read the following posts.

Sex and the Lily

Bulges, Midgets and a mish mash of awkwardness.

Stay tuned for our guest posts later this week.


Wayneo said...

OK. So who's who here. Am i the 'man'? and which one's the frigid bitch? I can figure out the rest.

lily said...

WAYNEO!!!! You came! (No sexual pun intended) If you don't stay, this blog won't be the same without your comments!

Oh and the 'man' and 'frigid bitch' title, refers to two guest posts coming up tomorrow.

Jenni said...

Helllllloooooo Wayneo ;)
You can definetly be the man if you want to join the fun!!!

Of ken said...

Hey! Jenni! ...Thought I was the Man!...
Superseded already; Damn! :-D

Jenni said...

On second thought Ken, you both can be THE MAN.
I've always wanted a man sandwich....

lily said...

OK, staying out of this one. As the saying goes, "three's a crowd, four's just plain greedy..." or words to that effect.

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