Sunday, February 19, 2012


In this great wide expanse called the 'world wide web,' there exists a myriad of blogs all calling forth to be read. This blog is the brain child of two women who just also happen to be mothers.
 However, DO NOT for one second, presume this to be a 'mom/mum' blog, for to do so will only result in your assumptions being bitch slapped into oblivion and you the assumer, (yeah I know it's not a real word, so bite me) being severely and metaphorically kicked in the inguinal region. (which is the posh term for groin. See how bloody cultured I am?)

Now some people might think that the very nature of pushing out 9 month gestated 'womb fruits' from our poontangs, would makes us virtuous, pious and responsible in the face of motherhood. But those sad deluded fuckers couldn't be more wrong.
So a word of warning for those whom happen to chance upon this blog, It is not for the faint hearted among you. And with that in mind, if you are the type that is easily offended or of a nervous deposition, now would be a really good time for you to fuck off.

Right, introduction over and done with, I'm off to watch some porn.

Lily, Jenni


Of ken said...

I'm basically a dude with the personality of a cunt...
So, Lily and Jenni, I'm gunna havta follow.

Looking forward to what You two combined can get up to and into!

Jenni said...

Luckily I'm a fan of cunts.
You win the awesomeness award for being our first real follower.

lily said...

Yaay Ken, good to have you on-board.

I can't help thinking though, that your description makes a better heading...

Oh and Jenni, is there something you'd like to tell me? You know, what with being a fan of cunts and all...

gawl07 said...

Well done Ladies. Nice work!
I don't know why I find the action figure pictures more disturbing than the open legged "Love Glove" picture. Maybe it's just me.

lily said...

GAZZA! Thank you. It's a work in progress but we can only get better...can't we...?

There is something quite horrific about a sexualised Barbie but I still can't look at the 'open legged love glove,' without thinking of the lyrics to 'When doves cry.'

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