Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday Fuckers!

Happy Friday!!!
Let's start the weekend off right.

With a life size chia pet...that or Bigfoot's half brother.

I'm guessing you need to be into bestiality on some level to be givin' some lovin' to this guy without begging him to do a whole lot of manscaping.


Egads! I almost spat my crack pipe out of my mouth, when I saw this pic.
Now I've nothing against the more hirsute kinda guy but Chewbacca was not what I had in mind for a future playmate.

Mind you, there may be many advantages to dating a man that hairy. For example, place him against the door on a cold frosty night and 'ta da', instant draught excluder. Or how about rolling him around on the floor to get the lint from off your carpets...Just don't let him near me when the moon is full.


*snort* It is true he could come in handy with all the fuzz...BUT, with us being smokers and all he's probably more of a fire hazard than anything.
~ Jenni

See, another use...HUMAN BARBECUE!



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